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Why HumanFirewall?

Because classroom training doesn't work in cyber security

Unique Teachable Moments

Platform treats each employee individually. Unique teachable moments are created and delivered. Tests are conducted at the point of teaching.

Gamified Learning Approach

Rather than classroom training, the platform creates a game that is known to deliver unforgettable lessons.

Real-Time People Powered Security

Employee Finds, Employee Reports & the Platform protects by linking into the critical Internet Infrastructure to facilitate near real-time Phishing site takedowns.

Multi-Channel & Multi -Lingual

From Phishing to Vishing, to Smishing, to Whishing and beyond + Multi-lingual capability.

Human Firewall Utilises Basic Learning Psychology

This ensures that your employees are hardened to detect and protect against Phishing.

Byte sized info

It is easy to learn when the training is provided in small chunks instead a plethora of documents. Employees can focus easily on small pieces of information which they can easily understand and remember. You cannot expect to give training on 20 modules of cyber security in 20 minutes and expect them to alter their working habits around it.

Served in context and at the right time

The Human Brain sorts memories on the basis of incidents. Any information passed out of context fades away with time. For this, HumanFirewall's Learning Management System (LMS) gives context based training with unique teachable moments. The training is provided instantly at the moment an employee makes a mistake. This makes sure that he/she relates to the learning with an incident.

Reinforced over time

With constant regular campaigns, shooting simulated phishing mails on your employees and providing instant training for the error, the knowledge gets embedded in the core of the thinking process of an employee. These repeated teachings are the key to convert your employees into the HumanFirewall.

Harden employees with simulation:

When your employee is regularly receiving phishing mails and training to spot those emails, It hardens them to look at every email cautiously and spot the smallest of give aways instantly. This regular hardening prepares your people to be ready and armed to spot real phishing mails and protect your organization.

Variety! Variety! Variety!

A malicious hacker will never send the same type of email twice. Its very important to train your employees against all common and uncommon trends in the phishing market. HumanFirewall provides over 200 customized templates which ensures that your employee is exposed to and trained against all types of attacks. We keep track of phishing trends and this list of 200 is growing day by day

What you can measure, you can manage!

With user based profiling, track the learning curve of each and every employee individually. The interactive dashboard enables you to track each and every growth after every campaign, every training and every announcement sent. Tracking the performance of your employee and sending targeted training will ensure that the over all security posture of your organization goes up along with the awareness level of each and every employee. No man will be left behind!

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