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How It Works

One aware employee can protect the entire organization.

Positive Feedback Loop

The more you train the more they detect

Step 1
Human Firewall platform will train, test and profile employees using Computer and Mobile based training, delivered through Email + SMS + Voice + Whatsapp. (Announcement mode + Phishing, Vishing & Smishing mode)
Step 2
Trained employees will report any phishing/smishing activity through easy to use plugins on Chrome, Mozilla, Outlook, Email etc.
Step 3
HF platform will facilitate Email Quarantine, In-line messages and/or Deletion + URL Blocking.
Step 4
The more employees HF trains, the more reports, the more protection. There is a huge positive feedback loop in this strategy.

Managed Services

Let us do the heavy lifting

You will In-House the program, assign your team to run and manage the program. We are always here to guide you throughout the setup and management process.
Want to skip all hassles and completely outsource the deployment and management of the program? Worry not, we will do it for you. We Will assign a team for you, run customized campaigns to suit your needs, send you reports and aid in incidence response too.

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